Occidente está perdiendo credibilidad

Poco antes de que estallaran las revueltas populares en Egipto, la revista Monocle entrevistó a Mohamed ElBaradei, ex director general de la Agencia Internacional de Energía Atómica (AIEA) y uno de los sujetos más activos en la lucha por la democratización de su país natal, Egipto.  Os dejo con una de las respuestas a mi parecer  más significativas:


¿What about the attitude of the West towards Egypt and its continued support for the Mubarak [authoritarian]

Mohamed ElBaradei (@Monocle, february issue, 2011)



When  I see statements by the High Representative of the European Union and by the US State Department refusing to condemn the conduct of the Egyptian government in these past elections, I feel disappointed. The West is losing every ounce of credibility when it comes to convincing people here that it is serious about their basic values: democracy, freedom, justice, rule of law. That fuels extremism. The West doesn’t realize that stability is not based on short-sighted security measures-stability will only come when people are empowered, when people are able to participate.



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