“This shit hole called Athens”

This is an email from a friend in Athens. She is 35, graduated in Art History, specialized in Italian paintings from the Trecento. She postgraduated in La Sorbonne (Paris), and holds two M.A  in Art History from two of the best schools in Europe: the Courtauld Institute of Art and Goldsmiths, both in London. She works for a Private museum in Athens.

“Dear Andrea,

I am still confused and trying to understand what the fuck is happening in this shit hole called Athens. Anyway, as you already know things are really tough here. For the moment I am still working though I do not know for how long. My sister has been unemployed since June. 

Things are getting tougher and tougher not only as far as money is concerned but also because there is no hope for the future.

The politicians are completely useless. Deeply corrupted, they are only interested in saving their own skin.

The same thing goes for the people. Those who had a nice life until today thanks to fat salaries in the state sector or the very rich who had always been avoiding taxes are now at the forefront of the revolution urging the public to leave Europe and the euro, refuse to pay its debts and start living in a self sufficient (?), autonomous, Albania style country (I am not sure they have realised what they are talking about; after all, I do not think that THEY will be able to survive without an I phone charger or the new version of I pad although mow they appear  ready to become farmers and revive industrial revolution).

Anyway, yesterday was the peak of insanity, as they burned down half of Athens  (my favourite 120 years old  cinema and the best bookshop in the city included).

I really want to leave and never come back but I do not know where I could go and find a job (every kind of job as long as I can pay my rent). Anyone with friends or  relatives above have already left.”


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